Новые автомобили


    Роскошный внедорожник Lexus LX 570 в своем третьем поколении был представлен еще апреле 2007 года на Нью-Йоркском автосалоне. Обновленную версию автомобиля представили на мотор-шоу в Детройте в январе 2012 года, в качестве модели 2013 года. Внешний вид японского внедорожника Выглядит Lexus LX 570 внушительно, мужественно, солидно и состоятельно. При этом автомобиль привлекательный и стильный, спортивностью […]

    Новый Infiniti Q50 – это спортивный японский седан люкс-класса, который был представлен в январе прошлого года на автосалоне в Детройте. Это очень значимая модель для производителя, ведь своим появлением она открыла новую страницу производственной истории данного автопроизводителя премиальных машин. Но главный вопрос вот в чем – сможет ли японская модель отбить клиентов у своих европейских […]


    Porsche is planning for a new small SUV which is called Cajun to be a part of their ambitious growth strategy which is currently being mapped by their parent company, Volkswagen. They will boost their annual global sales to over 250,000 units in the middle of the decade. This new five seat Cajun is based […]

    Cooper Tires is currently the fourth largest tire manufacturer in North America. They have more than 13 percent of the replacement tire market in the land of America. However, the rule here is being number one or be no one. So, Cooper is trying to get a bigger market share by creating a few new […]

    General Motors has recently announcing that they will stop their production at Shreveport assembly plant in Louisiana next week because of a parts shortage. This is related to the ongoing tragedy in Japan. That General Motors’ plant is responsible for creating the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado pickup trucks. But don’t worry. GM said that […]

    Yesterday, we are reporting that Honda is recalling their 2011 Honda Civic due to its faulty fuel pump. Today, there is another recall from Honda. They are now recalling 33,341 units of their 2011 Honda Odyssey minivans because of a problem in its windshield wipers. If you are living in a warm country and has […]

    Porsche has now unveiled their second version of the 911 GT3 R Hybrid race car. Porsche has succeed to reduced the weight of this electric racer for about 20 percent. Most of the reducing is done by removing its hybrid drivetrain. There are two electric motors in the portal axle to bring 200 horsepower in […]


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